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In this section, we describe the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our services. If the question you want to ask us does not appear here, please contact our representative or send us an inquiry through our contact form.

What is freight forwarding?

– Freight forwarding is a service for organizing and transporting goods from points A to B.

What is transport?

– Transport of goods by land, sea, river and air

What company is Acto International - Transport, Logistics or Freight Forwarding

Acto International provides a closed service including freight forwarding, transportation and complete logistics of your cargo. We do this thanks to our trained team, car fleet and storage facilities.

How are your services paid?

– Services are paid according to their specifics –
Forwarding / Logistics – with an invoice, based on the price agreed upon and offered by us.
Transport service – with an invoice, based on the work performed (per hour or per kilometer) again according to the price previously agreed and offered by us.

What does it mean to pay an hour / kilometer?

– Hourly – Hourly rates refer to transport and / or porter services in Sofia. The payment time starts from the arrival of the vehicle at the location and includes the time for loading and unloading activities and the transportation itself.
– Per kilometer – Prices per kilometer refer to both transport services in Sofia and Sofia district, as well as national and international transportation. The cost per kilometer is calculated from the point of loading to the point of unloading.
Prices per hour or per kilometer are negotiated and offered by us in advance.

How is the payment? Do you issue invoices ?

– Payment shall be made within the agreed period specified in the contract application.
– Yes, we issue VAT invoices.

Is there an advantage to being your regular client?

– Yes, the advantage is the negotiation and preparation of individual price offers with better conditions than the one-time prices for services, fully consistent with the specifics and regularity of work with our partners.

How we can request a transport / logistics / freight forwarding service?

– You can request through our site by stating the type of service and its details or by contacting us at the specified contacts – phone / e-mail.
In either case, you will receive free consultation and detailed information about the service.

What are the destinations to which you provide your services?

– We provide land transport services in Bulgaria and every other country, member of the EU, as well as non-EU countries – Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, Kosovo,etc.
– We provide freight forwarding services that include any type of transport (land, river, sea and air), and your cargo can reach anywhere in the world.

Do you perform services on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays?

– Yes, we work constantly, without time constraints. We are fully responsive to your needs and convenient time.

What kinds of goods and loads can you handle?

– Our team is certified and can handle both general cargo and:
dangerous goods, live animals, valuable and high-value cargoes, cargo requiring temperature control.

Do you provide loading and unloading of goods and loads?

– Yes, we provide a team of trained and experienced people at the client’s request.

Do you provide packaging and packing materials when moving?

– Yes, after viewing the location and consulting on the service, we prepare a complete offer, including all your necessary materials for the move.

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